Tacit Theatre | The Ballad of Robin Hood
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Robin Hood, Tacit Theatre, Southwark Playhouse

The Ballad of Robin Hood

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Greg Freeman

Composer and Director

Annabelle Brown

Lighting Designer

Leo Steele

Sound Designer

Ella Wahlström

Fight Director

Ronin Traynor


Robin Hood – people’s hero or a common thief? You decide in this rollicking, rambunctious tale of the day that Robin Hood came to Southwark.
Immerse yourself in the ample hospitality of Rosie Bailey, landlady of Southwark’s famous Tabard Inn. Settle down in your favourite corner with an ale or a mulled wine and see Robin Hood’s untold story of derring-do played out…

It’s 1380 and London is bursting at the seams with foreigners – Norman, Angles and Saxons inhabit every dive, including this one. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer – despite Robin’s best efforts to reverse the trend. Tempers are frayed.

Meanwhile, her outspoken politics have gotten Marion into trouble. And as it’s partly Robin’s fault it falls to him do the decent thing. But might this Marion find it just a bit, well, patronising to be rescued?

With swordplay, songs, sheriffs and satire as sharp as an arrow, The Ballad of Robin Hood guarantees to keep you a-quiver with excitement all evening long.

Press for The Canterbury Tales:

“A big-hearted, boisterous evening” – Time Out

“Extraordinarily catchy folk songs” – The Observer

“Riotous, enthusiastic and likeable” – Financial Times

“Good, bawdy fun” – Evening Standard

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‘Almost as whip-smart as the great detective himself‘ ★★★★ Time Out

‘A thoroughly enjoyable evening’ ★★★★ WhatsOnStage ‘

Such a deliciously fun night out that it feels impossible not to recommend it to everyone!‘  ★★★★The Public Reviews