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Who was Arthur Conan Doyle?

03 Apr 2014, Posted by Leo in A Study in Scarlet, Articles

Arthur Conan Doyle was a Scottish physician and writer who is best known for his stories following the adventures of the detective Sherlock Holmes.  He lived from 1859 to 1930 and was writing for a large proportion of his life, though many of his first publications fell from history, some not being published until well after his death. However he has become a giant in the genre of detective fiction, his Sherlock Holmes stories considered by all as a milestone within the tradition, and certainly the foundations for many other works.  The skill in his story telling came from two central talents: the creation of the infamous Holmes, a dazzling and almost pathological figure with an unorthodox approach and a skewed moral compass; and his ability to weave fact and fiction, his work a powerful depiction of the world in which he lived, and the concepts of detective work inspired…

The Danites

03 Apr 2014, Posted by Leo in A Study in Scarlet, Articles

If one tries, it is not hard to imagine the wonder that must have been had for the colonies at the time Sherlock Holmes was published. It was a frontier, the edge of the ‘civilised’ world. From there came adventure, wonder and excitement. Even the cultures of the colonials were shaping into an exotic and strange oddity. And not least among these was Mormonism and the Danites; a fundamentalist militia within Mormonism that has the special privilege among religious groups to have been excommunicated by the holy founder himself. Mormonism was seen as a bizarre group. Based on the discoveries claimed by Joseph Smith in Missouri, self-styled prophet of Mormonism, the religion is based on new writings that add to the Christian traditions. The tablets that Smith found shed a new light on the history of The Bible, placing the United States as a central site and the actual promised…