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Tacit Theatre's podcast exploring the world of Sherlock Holmes and the questions that came up adapting A Study in Scarlet for the stage at London's Southwark Playhouse. With interviews from leading Holmes experts, presented by Lila Whelan and Greg Freeman.
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Sherlock Holmes Series – Episode 1: Writing Sherlock

20 Jan 2014, Posted by Ella in A Study in Scarlet, Podcast

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wasn’t the only one who published Sherlock Holmes stories and in this episode Matthew J Elliott, Jean Upton and Roger Johnson tell us about how Doyle wrote, and how other people have continued to write Sherlock Holmes stories.

Our next episode about A Study in Scarlet and Mormonism is coming out in a couple of weeks. The podcast episodes are published in this blog and you can also subscribe to it through iTunes or the RSS feed here.

In the photo Matthew J Elliott and Lila Whelan

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